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Persons enrolling in the drug or alcohol rehab program must receive full medical physicals, an M.D.’s permission to do the program.

It is a long term program that takes 3 to 6 months to complete (results-based, not time-based). 24-hour on-site care. One-on-one care and great comfort. High-quality and discreet care. Lasting sobriety.

Drug-free Withdrawal :

Getting off drugs doesn't have to be so painful. The program begins with a drug-free, nonmedical withdrawal process designed to assist the individual to come off drugs as rapidly and comfortably as possible.

Drug withdrawal symptoms kick in when a person quits drugs. These drug withdrawal symptoms can make a person feel really sick and even make it harder for a person to quit using drugs. The addict is so scare of the pain of the withdrawal that he will go back to the use of drugs. With our drug-free method we can help the addict go through the withdrawal phase without experiencing all that physical and emotional pain.

NOTE: With specific drugs, it can happen that the addict will need to do a medical detox before starting our program. These drug withdrawal methods have proven to help many people get off drugs such as; alcohol, marijuana, ambien, heroin, oxycontin, ativan, hydrocodone, percocet, cocaine, crack, codeine, lortab, ultram, morphine, valium, meth, vicodin, methadone, xanax, opiates, steroids, narcotics and prescription drugs and more. MORE...

New Life Detoxification :

Overcoming cravings and having a much brighter outlook and better perceptions. Unique to this program is an amazingly effective regimen of nutrition, exercise and sauna—designed specifically to help drug users eliminate the harmful drug residues that drive cravings.

This is a critical step and is a missing ingredient to others detox/rehab program. It has been discovered that drug residual STAY in the fatty tissue and are the cause of the “craving’’ and the biochemical personality of an addict (attitude, behavior).

This aspect need to be handled before a person can overcome his drug addiction. A medical okay it needed before to do this step. MORE...

Life Skills :

The final life changing component of the program consists of a series of Life Skills Courses. These courses give the individual the tools he needs to remain drug-free.

After the addict has been withdraw and detox, he is ready to go to the rehab step. He has improved a lot and feel good physically and mentally BUT he needs to address the cause of his addiction and get the tools to be able to live a life without drugs.  

Some of the abilities he will gain from this step:

to get into full communication with others and his environment
to spot and handle those influences in his environment that would cause him to lose any gains he has made and who would influence him to revert to drugs.
to allow himself to look forward to an enjoyable life and not have to be anchored to the past.

The result is freedom from addiction.

Free from drugs
A Program Graduate is someone
  • Who has completed the drug rehabilitation program
  • Who knows he is, in fact, capable of living a drug-free life thereafter
  • Who has improved his or her ability to learn and thus can accept new ideas on how to change life for the better
  • Who has personally absorbed the fundamentals of ethics and morality well enough that he or she can be productive and contributive to society and will have no further troubles with the justice system
  • Who knows how to solve the problems of life in a rational manner to the best of his ability, without the use of mind-altering drugs
Each program graduate is expected, no matter the severity of his or her earlier life experience, to achieve and to live a stably drug-free, ethical life, one for one.

There is no such thing as a “victim” in this program way of thinking. Even if life has dealt one a bad hand of cards, the road out is through personal recognition of responsibility for one’s own condition.
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