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How to do a good intervention  ?

You can’t sleep anymore because his health, security and future worries you...

Here's a nice young man full of talent. He is funny, clever. He has a whole life ahead him and you like him so much. But then he lost his job, his wife has left and you can’t sleep anymore because his health, security and future worries you. You can’t trust him anymore; he lies to you, steals and manipulates you. He has a drug problem. He is a drug addict.

You would like to help him and make him start a good detox and rehab program but he doesn’t want help.

When you are in danger and facing a problem you have different choices: You can go in apathy and not react at all. You can totally neglect the problem and ignore it. You can avoid the source of the problem. You can also face the problem and decide to solve it by addressing the problem; do something about it. So you decide to help him decide to do something about it.

You would like to help him but HOW?

Be ready. Before you even make an intervention and successfully bring the loved in rehab, you will need to educate yourself and do some research.

 There are several different approaches and programs philosophies about drugs addiction. You must choose which one would be good for your love one, come to your situation and your needs: A short-term program or a long term? A medical approach or more holistic approach? This is an important step. Read about programs. Ask questions. Your success depends on it.

 A good detox and rehabilitation program has to take care of all aspects of drug abuse: physical and human aspects. He must get good results, that is to say, to ensure that the people who pass through the program come out rehabilitated (Able to live a life WITHOUT drug).

Make your choice and check the admission criteria for the program and the waiting time to prepare the ground for future arrival. Then, you need to arrange a meeting with the addict to make him admit that he has a real problem with drugs- he is addict and that he really needs professional help.

 The person who will make the intervention should be someone that the addict has confidence and he sincerely respects. He will listen to this person who should encourage him to get help and to go to the rehab center chosen.

If the addict just experienced a very difficult time as an arrest, overdose, theft, lies, etc... and that he feels guilty about his family, it is a good time to intervene but wait that is not under the influence of drugs (high). An intervention will be more effective if done immediately after events where the addict feels that his life goes wrong.

Your message and your language must be clear. You must be firm and consistent. Express what you feel about the situation but do not sympathize too much like '' Poor guy, you make me pity ... '' Let him know without anger or restraint you know he has a drug problem and it needs a detoxification and rehabilitation program. Do not enter in other family-type problems. Limit yourself to the fact that he has a problem and that there is help and a possible solution for that. Listen to him. Listen to his concerns and fears to be on a rehabilitation program. Reassure him and answer all his questions.

A well-made intervention will cause the addict to accept the help offered but there is always a possibility that the person refuses any help. This is why you must have a plan B. If nothing is done, the situation will worsen. By refusing help the addict tells you he will continue to use drugs and that the family will still suffering in the future. If you respond to this by asking him to leave, you will not give him any more money until it decides to receive help that will put the '' pressure '' on him. You cannot continue to '' encourage '' him to consume its drug. When life will be more unpleasant with drugs that without drugs he will do something about it. That's his view. If he is fed, housed, why would he do the effort to get out? He said he has no '' problem ''!

Unfortunately, with an addict, sometimes it is not easy. There is intervention services done by professionals to help families get the person to accept to go on rehab. It is sometimes necessary.
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