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How to help a person overcoming a drug problem?

Have you ever wondered how you could help your brother, your sister, your husband, your wife or your friend get out of drugs? What to do and which treatment to choose?

DECISION, assessment and treatment plan

The first thing to do would be to make the person with a drug problem taking the decision to quit drugs. A good intervention, whether done by a family member or by a professional, will achieve this.

Who the person would listen? Choose the right person and the right time, a time when the person has a 'down' '. The message should be clear: '' We love you but you gotta do what it takes to get you out. '' Do not sympathize with the person and agree with the barriers; keep your point. This is about saving a life.

Before the intervention, know which treatment plan is needed to handle the drug problem and find a good detox and rehab center that will get results. Contact them and be ready to quickly send the person to treatment as soon as she agrees to go.


Then the first thing to be addressed is the physical aspect of addiction. The person needs help to overcome the withdrawal symptoms, these physical and mental reactions that appear after a person stops using drugs.

The fear of suffering is a big barrier to recovery. The addict is scared of the withdrawal pains and discomforts and maybe will just want to return to drugs, but a good withdrawal program would take care of this aspects and will alleviate the withdrawal symptoms (naturals ways or medical depending of the philosophy of addiction and the kind of program); help the addict going through the process without suffering so much. The addict will need to be reassured and treated with care and respect.

After a successful withdrawal step, the body stabilize and the person start again to sleep and eat normally. It is good. But, this is not enough. The person has been physically damaged by drug abuse. Drug residues accumulated in the fatty tissues and cells of his body and will remain there for years unless they are removed.

These residues continue to affect the well-being and physical and mental health of the person. They are the first cause of '' cravings '' drug that makes the person revert to drugs, a major reason that the person failed to overcome his habit.

And here we are again: the addict relapse, so common among addicts. This physical aspect, if it is not solved, remains a very important barrier that could prevent the addict to get out of drugs and make him fail.

A thorough detox which rids of all drug residues will complete a good detox program and repair the physical damage. This is a major breakthrough in the field of detoxification. It is not all the program that handle that. After the detox step, the person will feel good physically and will regain his energy level.


Despite the spectacular results obtained during a complete detoxification program, it is not all. Another aspect of addiction needs to be addressed; the rehabilitation of the person. The ‘’human’’ side need to be addressed.

The underlying reasons for drug taking need to be addressed; the reasons why. A good rehab program will locate it and handle it. Then the person needs to acquire new skills to live a life without drugs. She needs to be able to find back her self-esteem, communicate well, solve problem, taking good decisions, etc…

Depending of the program and his philosophy, the rehab step will take care of this aspect. This is an important step of the recovery. It can make a difference between a successful program and a failed program.

A good plan for life and a good follow-up will make sure the person will succeed. A drug problem has several aspects to be taken into account. None should be neglected. Overcoming drug addiction IS possible. Find the right detox and rehab program!
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