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Whether the Colombian drug traffickers who manage to smuggle tons of cocaine in Florida in foiling the US authorities or other powerful cartels or manufacture in clandestine laboratories of new synthetic drugs the drug trade is very present in Florida as elsewhere in the world. It represents $ 88 billion per year.

We all know someone grappling with a drug problem. Our children, friends, family or neighbor, destroyed by the scourge. Drug problems not only affect young people. In 2011, 14% of people aged between 55 and 64 had to be treated for a dual addiction to alcohol and other drugs, often opioids prescription. In women, many had developed an addiction to tranquilizers.

Help is available in Florida for those who wish to break free from drugs and live a drug free life:

For adults with a drug problem

Addiction to drugs: heroin,cocaine, methadone, alcohol, meth, opiates, pills, etc.

Our purpose is to help people from Florida to overcome addiction to drugs so they can live a life without drugs.

A drug rehab program that works

A program that handle the problem to his source
A program that address all aspects of addiction
A program that use NO DRUGS substitute to handle the drug problem
A program that gets long-term RESULTS
A program that saves thousands of life since 1966
A program based in discoveries and breakthrougs in the fields of recovery
A program that has worldwide recognition

A highly successful method to help people get off and stay off drugs and/or alcohol.

This rehab center successfully treats drug addicts for over 10 years using a holistic approach to addiction treatment that has existed for over 50 years. This long-term drug rehab program with a duration of 3 to 6 months shows that it is possible to quit drugs sustainably and to develop the ability to lead a life without drugs.

This program available in Clearwater, Florida is a non-drug program (using no drug substitute)fully licensed, which bring people addicted to drugs and / or alcohol to a state where they can now lead a happy life without permanently drugs. 

The perfect environment, in Florida, for a drug rehab center

We refer to a beautiful center facility in Clearwater (near Tampa International Airport-for residents of the Greater Tampa Bay community.) with plenty of space. If you live in Florida and you need help call us.Welcome to people from all parts of Florida and the United States and Canada.

An important factor contributing to a good drug rehabilitation program is the environment.This center perfectly meets this criterion and is located on a serene wooded property, just minutes from Clearwater’s downtown core, 35,000 square feet on 7.5 acres of land in a beautiful location in Florida.

They offer a unique personalized service in a nice environment especially designed to offer the best possible comfort.

A panoramic view of the rooms, safe and nutritious food that helps recovery and repair,comprehensive care, comfort and a unique and effective program. All the elements in place to contribute to success.

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