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Diet during drug-free withdrawal  

Nutritionist experiments indicate that vitamins and minerals assist the withdrawal...

Very often people who are undergoing withdrawal are in pretty awful physical condition and do not eat much. The first step in assisting the individual to cease drug use rapidly and with minimal discomfort is through proper nutrition, vitamins and special care.

A vitamin formula called the “drug bomb” that contains all the vitamins in the correct balance, has been found effective during withdrawal to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Added to this, the use of calcium and magnesium combined in an exact formula, handle the muscular spasms and the nervous reactions during the withdrawal.

Nutritional foods should be provided, especially those which are easily digestible such as complex carbohydrates (potatoes, green beans, corn, etc…). Green vegetables are also recommended. And there should be plenty of yogurts on hand to give along with vitamins. Avoid heavy types of food initially.

There have been instances of persons experiencing diarrhea and vomiting while they were going through withdrawal, which if not properly handled, can create dehydration. Lots of liquids must be provided to prevent any dehydration. Carbonated drinks such as ginger ale taken in small sips help calm the stomach down and curtail vomiting. Keep a stock of these for such uses.

As sugar and caffeine act as stimulants, these products tend to aggravate withdrawal symptoms and as a general rule should be avoided. These include coffee, tea, chocolate and cola drinks.

A body that has been ripped up by drug abuse needs to be built up again and the practice of sound nutrition starts on the withdrawal step.